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Digitisation, resilience, business continuity and patient-centredness

NGH (Next-Generation-HIS) is the comprehensive, scalable suite for the management of hospital processes and clinical activities in public and private hospitals:

  • organisation of access to care, reception, admission, first aid
  • supporting clinical activities and diagnosis and treatment processes
  • solutions for diagnostic departments, analysis laboratories, radiology and transfusion centres
  • systems for managing, sharing and exchanging information and clinical data

A scalable and flexible solution that adopts Data Quality Management systems to rely on certified, appropriate and complete data at all times.

Thanks to a process-oriented approach and a micro-service architecture, NGH fosters a holistic view of patient health and enables interoperability and connectivity between systems for hospital-territory continuity.

Clinical Files and Order Entry

The macro area supporting clinical activities is composed of the management of request flows between departments and services and the scope-specific files.


NGH Order Entry is used to create requests for investigations and specialist services for in-patients:

  • Enquiries towards consultancy services – which can be scheduled and reported via the Outpatient File form
  • Demands on departments.

NGH-OE is natively integrated with Department File and ADT for fast and complete order management: requests are tracked and can be monitored at any time.


  • Availability of reports (and status of associated requests) from all modules of the Suite
  • Third-party context-recallable module
  • Outlook-style calendar management for radiology services and consultations


NGH Outpatient Clinical File allows:

  • the reporting for external patients – integrated with CUP systems
  • the reporting of consultations for internal patients.
  • completing prescriptions


  • Patient-centred structure with access to data history and information retrieval (always respecting patient consent)
  • High degree of configurability of visit templates according to specialty
  • Event-based visit management according to the problem-based approach (SOVP model) that guides the physician through the steps of information gathering, analysis, and identification of the diagnosis.
  • Mobile module for managing home visits (also in offline mode)


NGH Departmental Clinical Files include therapy management.


  • Patient-centred structure with access to data history and information retrieval
  • Multi-role organisation for progressive activation of functions and gradual involvement of resources in the process
  • PAI management and possibility of integration with NANDA, Gordon, LEP catalogues
  • Complete management of the drug-prescription process
  • Virtual drug management (by active ingredient)
  • Therapy management on mobile devices (bedside)


The Clinical File for Neonatal Intensive Care and Nursery.


  • Integrated Medical and Nursing File (single working tool for ward staff)
  • Implements all guidelines and protocols defined at national level by the Italian Society of Neonatology and international bodies
  • Therapy process vertically focused on the speciality (reduces errors)
  • Integrated with all ward medical equipment (direct acquisition of vital parameters recorded on the patient)

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