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Payments and Archiving


GPI Software

Offering the Public Administration secure and high-performance tools for managing electronic payments.

Payments, archiving, traceability: everything for the digital PA.

Secure and integrated applications that automate the management of payments and the preservation of documents, reduce management costs, and simplify the internal processes of the public entity.

A platform designed in compliance with the standards established by the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID) for a Public Administration closer to the needs of citizens and businesses.

Unified Payment Management

A solution that centralizes the management of payment mandates and collection reversals with a simple and intuitive interface.

Revenue Optimization

We integrate revenue collection with the AgID’s PagoPA system, for smooth management in compliance with current regulations.

Advanced Digital Archiving

We offer the possibility to securely archive documents of any format, ensuring their traceability and accessibility.
Simple Digital Signature. We facilitate the digital signing of documents, even remotely, to further streamline administrative processes.

Versatile POS Solutions

We propose innovative POS devices for electronic payments, characterized by advanced features such as multi-account management, digital receipt preservation, and an intuitive touch interface.

Our solutions are fully integrable and interoperable, designed to interact with the Bank of Italy’s SIOPE+ system and other third-party systems.

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