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Healthcare and Social Assistance System

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The cloud platform that simplifies operations and increases the quality of social care services.

SHERPA is a cloud-based suite that supports all the processes of structures operating in the healthcare, assistance, and social sectors. It’s designed for a wide range of facilities, including Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Residences (RSA), Integrated Day Centers (CDI), Hospices, Social Cooperatives, Therapeutic Communities, Centers for Disabled and Minors, and Kindergartens.

As the most widely used technological platform for social care in Italy, SHERPA aims to reorganize, simplify, coordinate, and make social care activities more effective. It is user-friendly, allowing individuals to effectively use the system after a short training course without losing any previous data related to other programs. The software is immediately compatible and continuously aligned with new national and regional regulations.

Key Features:

  • SHERPA significantly contributes to the economic sustainability and operational flexibility of services.
  •  It offers a solution that streamlines the management and delivery of social care services, emphasizing ease of use and compliance with current standards.

This suite represents a significant step forward in managing social and healthcare services, providing a comprehensive, efficient, and adaptable tool for various organizations in this sector.

  • Simple: It’s a cloud-ready solution, quick to install as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and naturally user-friendly.
  • Complete: SHERPA meets all requirements, including guest management, internal staff, organizational processes, accounting, and security.
  • Scalable: The platform is customizable to suit the needs of the facility and its guests.
  • Secure and Stable: It features cyber defense systems, is GDPR compliant, offers 24/7 support, and is always up to date.
  • Qualified: SHERPA is AGID certified since 2020 and ACN QC1 since 2023.
  • Enabling: The platform optimizes the work of operators and maximizes productivity.

SHERPA, as a comprehensive platform, covers various functional areas for both the facility and its guests:

Guest Management: This is the core of the platform. It manages guests from admission to discharge, handling basic data for generating invoices, reports, and regional/state flows. The Multidimensional Assessment monitors guest fragility to detect and quantify needs, set goals, and customize appropriate interventions. The Health and Care Record makes the support process visible and measurable, simplifying service planning and achieving goals outlined in the Individual Care Plan (PAI). The Therapy module manages and tracks therapies from prescription to administration.

Facility Management Support: It includes warehouse control, pharmaceutical cabinets, internal orders, and supply management. It also handles all administrative aspects of guest management, including accounting, financial, and economic aspects.

Administration: The platform helps in fulfilling accounting, fiscal, and administrative obligations, supported by Business Intelligence.

Personnel Management: This covers internal organization, shifts, salaries, with a focus on health and safety in the workplace.

Data Security and Protection: Compliant with GDPR and the Italian Digital Agency (AgID) regulations, it includes two-factor authentication. It also digitizes, dematerializes, archives, and manages documents securely and durably.

SHERPA thus offers a well-rounded solution addressing the diverse needs of healthcare and social care facilities, ensuring efficient management, compliance with regulations, and enhanced service quality.

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