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GPI Software

Wereable solutions for telemonitoring of life and health parameters.

The GPI wearable devices help people to live peacefully and healthily every moment of their day.

Ultra-light and non-invasive, they can detect all the vital parameters of the person wearing them, simply by being in contact with the skin.

The GPI wearable devices are effective tools both for monitoring physical performance (sports medicine) and for providing full support and safety to patients remotely, as they report anomalies and send data to control centers in real-time.


An innovative telemonitoring system: Umana T1 integrates software components and validated algorithms with an ultra-slim and unobtrusive hardware system.

The solution ensures the accurate reading of cardiac activity data and other vital parameters, which are then analyzed and transmitted.

The parameters analyzed are ECG, respiratory rate, systolic blood pressure, physical activity, heart rate variability, arrhythmias, and other heart abnormalities.

In monitoring mode, the solution can send automatic notifications whenever it detects irregular activity.

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