Acting responsibly, daily and strategically

The year 2023 recounted in this Report was, once again, a year of striving to improve our sustainability profile, aware that what we are doing is a journey with no end in sight. We know: sustainability is not a definitive state, rather it is an ongoing journey, which is accomplished step by step, always improving a little. We also know that sustainability is no longer a secondary option for companies, but instead has become an imperative. Emerging trends reflect an evolving business world where responsibility and innovation go hand in hand.

The disquiet generated by a delicate geopolitical context, economic instability and climate change lead many to close in on their personal beliefs and needs, even to abandon dreams and future plans.

Not us; we do not give in to this temptation, because without planning for the future there is no change. And changing things requires vision and, above all, faith.

We are convinced that Gpi can play a very significant role for change. Technological innovation, which is strongly oriented towards improving people’s quality of life, is helping to redesign the health system by putting people rather than disease at the centre and is enabling the introduction of new service models that address the issue of health with new paradigms, such as personalised medicine or One-Health. This is how we interpret sustainable change in health: we contribute to making health systems sustainable, so that health services are of quality and accessible to as many people as possible, everywhere in the world. And, looking at Italy, we will continue to work so that our national system continues to be public and universalistic, protecting the right to health enshrined in the Constitution.

Let us work and invest wholeheartedly in this prospect, with determination and confidence, in ourselves, in what we do and in the people who work daily to change things.

Let us not give up on our vision: let us trust in the present, let us plan a possible horizon and provide ideas and energy to realise a better future.

Trento, March 2024

Fausto Manzana
Chief Executive Officer

Signed - Fausto Manzana

In 2023, the distributed economic value, calculated as the difference between the economic value generated and that retained in the company, amounted to approximately EUR 394 million.
50.9% of the value generated went to the company’s staff, 30.6% to suppliers. Shareholders were allocated 3.3%.

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