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GPI Software

Solutions for integrated diagnostics: maximum productivity, better traceability and quality control.

Solutions that optimize the reporting, viewing, and sharing processes of all diagnostic tests for an accurate decision-making system.
GPI Systems are designed to facilitate information usability between wards, hospitals/clinics in the area, affiliated nursing homes, and general practitioners.


WEBLAB is the information system for the management of chemical, clinical, and microbiological analysis laboratories that guarantees total control and traceability of analytical processes, in compliance with the most widespread international standards and privacy regulations.

Main features

  • Modern, easy, and intuitive responsive Web architecture and interface
  • Advanced multi-laboratory management (Centralized or Hub&Spoke)
  • Interfacing with external systems for quality control
  • Validation of results with Expert rules system
  • Can be used from any fixed or mobile location, access to the network with remote validation and signature of the reports


  • Independent Database
  • Middleware with multi-lab architecture and disaster recovery capabilities to ensure business continuity
  • Specialist know-how in instrumentation management thanks to the collaboration with the main diagnostic companies and over 400 instrumental interfaces already created
  • Acquisition of any image and graph from the tools
  • Validation of results with Expert rules system


PATHOX is the application suite for the complete management of all workflows of Pathological Anatomy and Genetics Services. The software is certified as an in vitro diagnostic medical device.

Main features

  • Full digital workflow management
  • Modern, easy, and intuitive interface
  • Cloud architecture
  • Complete image management and transmission (digital slides, macroscopic/microscopic images, etc.)
  • Voice reporting
  • Compatible with any type of instrumentation


  • Fully web system
  • Total traceability of material manufacturing processes
  • Fully customizable interface
  • Configurable for small or very large companies, organized in several centers
  • It manages the “services” thanks to the order entry portal
  • It supports diagnosis with AI algorithms for image analysis


The Clinical Imaging System processes all types of clinical images and supports workflows by managing, in addition to the iconographic material, also patient data, and reporting to produce complete documents quickly.

Departments/Services: Gastroenterology, Digestive Endoscopy, Bronchoscopy, Urology, Otorhinolaryngology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Operating Theatres.

Main features 

  • Latest generation web technology
  • Management of workflow and clinical data specific to each department
  • Acquisition, Processing and Archiving of images and videos (even 4K)
  • Compatible with equipment of any make and model
  • Structured reporting with text and images
  • Videorouting, Teleconsultation and Teleconference
  • Certified as a Medical Device


  • Highest quality imaging
  • Management of clinical quality indicators (service certification support)
  • Iconographic documentation of the exams for clinical and legal protection purposes
  • Automated and accurate activity reporting
  • Risk Management of instrument management and traceability activities
  • Support for workflow improvement and the application of virtuous models (mandatory fields, standard phrases, quality indicators, etc.)
  • Standardization of the report

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