93% of women remain with the company 12 months after maternity leave

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The challenge for Gpi continues

In the Italian job market, where returning after maternity leave represents a crucial moment for many women’s careers, Gpi achieved an important milestone in 2023: the retention rate 12 months after the end of mandatory parental leave is 93%. This figure stands out significantly compared to the national average, confirming Gpi’s commitment and ability to protect the right to work for its female employees.

This result stems from a vision that recognizes this indicator as an effective tool to clearly measure the Group’s sustainability. Specifically, regarding women in the company, the data for 2023 is as follows:

  • The return rate immediately after mandatory leave is 100%.
  • The retention rate 12 months after mandatory leave is 93%.

This is an important milestone for Gpi, which primarily ensures almost all its female employees’ job continuity and, more generally, stands out in the Italian context where 1 in 5 women leaves the labor market after maternity leave, and 72.8% of the confirmations of resignations of new parents concern women (Report “Le equilibriste. La maternità in Italia 2024” – Save the Children).

Gpi’s percentages remain positive but also stable over time: the retention rate of female employees 12 months after returning from parental leave was 90% in 2021, 86% in 2022, and 93% in 2023. These are extremely impactful figures considering that the company’s workforce in Italy comprises 4,445 women, 39% of whom are under 40.

Some of the actions implemented by Gpi include:
  • Certified for 12 years with Family Audit, the italian standard that promotes innovative work-life balance actions;
  • Membership in Valore D, the first italian business association that promotes an inclusive culture for the growth of companies and the country;
  • Providing the Mommy & Daddy Kit, a handbook detailing the actions the company offers to support new parents and the necessary procedures to activate them.

We believe that achieving true gender equality, where the right to job continuity for new mothers is one of its pillars, is a constant journey that can never have static goals for us. Therefore, we will soon establish an independent observatory to strengthen the monitoring of retention linked to voluntary resignation following parental leave, with the aim of exploring the reasons leading to leaving the company and enhancing the protection of the right to parenthood.

Our vision is clear: we trust the present, design a possible horizon, and provide ideas and energy to create a better future.

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