Gpi awarded gender equality certification

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Right to parenthood and women’s work in the foreground

Gpi is proud to announce that it has obtained the UNI/PdR 125:2022 certification, a recognition that attests the implementation of an effective system to achieve gender equality. This significant step taken by Gpi aims to promote the adoption of a cultural model that transforms the individual needs of employees into an opportunity for growth and development, both for individuals and the company.

The attainment of gender equality certification acknowledges our commitment in this area (in Italy less than 400 companies have it): we strive to create the best conditions within the company to promote female employment, recognize and give space to talents, and ensure equal treatment in terms of salary, investments and career opportunities.

Putting people at the center has always been a commitment of Gpi. We do this in our business by contributing to the digital transformation of the National Health System, ensuring its economic sustainability and the quality of services over time. We also do this internally, recognizing the importance of the skills that our employees bring to the table.

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