How we work

We provide software solutions, services and technologies to cover a wide-ranging and complete offering that responds promptly to the demands for transformation and innovation drivers originating from the world of Healthcare and Public Administration.

A modular and adjustable product offering that allows for completeness and scalability at the same time.

Goal-oriented: our strength is successfully responding to customers’ requirements in a solid and concrete way, with flexibility and the ability to mediate. We know how to face challenges with an approach strongly based around problem-solving, with a large focus on intervention priorities and a healthy dose of pragmatism.


Every year, we invest between 5% and 6% of ASA Sistemi Informativi revenues in Research and Development, pursuing an innovation model that adds value to the creativity and expertise of its resources, promotes the internal exchange of knowledge and encourages external fusion and collaboration.

R&D activities pursue the need to respond to scenarios presented by a fast-changing Healthcare system. They identify the main objectives to guarantee specific care options for every patient in the centrality of patients and the transparent sharing of clinical information. Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the key elements to this evolution, in combination with a series of technological drivers including: clouds, portable devices, the Internet of Things, Big Data/Analytics and social applications.

The R&D sector follows these directions internally and externally thanks to the identification of specific branches of research and innovation, and initiates collaborations with national and international research bodies, higher education institutes and sector experts, also leveraging funding opportunities offered by the Autonomous Province of Trento, the ERDF and the PON/MIUR national funding proposals.

We also collaborate with the Bruno Kessler Foundation, with which we built a co-innovation lab dedicated to developing new expertise, technologies and applications based on cognitive computing and artificial intelligence methods in healthcare and clinical applications.