Trentino Data Mine is born: innovation and green together

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The first green data center is born in the heart of the mountains: a significant step towards digital and environmental transition.

Gpi is one of the private partners* – led by the University of Trento, which also has the scientific responsibility and guidance – that formed the Trentino Data Mine company. The goal is to establish a data center within a mining site, enabling the management of digital systems necessary to develop new technologies such as: artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, edge computing, and cybersecurity, including quantum encryption.

Miniera Tassullo - sede del progetto data center TDM
PHOTO – Tassullo company’s mine, an environment suitable to ensure protection from electromagnetic pollution, data security, energy savings, and sustainability. Credits: Tassullo.


This marks a significant step towards digital and environmental transition. The increased power of the systems, combined with adherence to technological requirements for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, adds particular value to this initiative. It doesn’t just concern Gpi’s business activities but also all stakeholders within its ecosystem.

*The private partners are: Università degli Studi di Trento, Covi Costruzioni in collaboration with Tassullo, Dedagroup, Gpi, ISA.

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