Transfusion Information System: GPI is awarded two contracts in Saudi Arabia and Estonia. Value: € 14 million

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Solutions from Medinfo and GPI Iberia were used

Gpi won two important tenders, in Saudi Arabia and Estonia, thanks to the quality of its Gpi4Blood software solutions.

The Saudi Ministry of Health awarded the tender for the supply of the transfusion information system to Medinfo and its Saudi partner. The total amount of the contract, which runs for three years, is approximately € 21 million. The Saudi partner will supply the hardware and the network infrastructure. Gpi’s share is approximately € 10 million for the supply of the software and related services

Furthermore the Estonian North Regional Hospital Foundation has awarded Gpi Iberia the contract for the supply of a unified, state-of-the-art system to manage blood, tissue and stem cell transfusion processes.  The contract worth approximately € 3.9 million covers the whole of Estonia and runs for five years.