Preliminary data H1 2023: sustained growth in EBITDA and Revenues

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Revenues + 12.5 % – EBITDA + 41.6 %
Consolidation of leadership in digital health

The Board of Directors of Gpi S.p.A. examined today the preliminary consolidated results for the first half of 2023, which have not yet been independently audited.
In H1 2023, the Company recorded consolidated revenues of more than € 190 M (approx. +12.5 % compared to € 168.9 M in H1 22) and consolidated EBITDA of more than € 24.5 M (approx. + 41.6 % compared to € 17.3 M in H1 22).  The EBITDA margin has thus risen by approximately 270 bps, i.e. from 10.2 % to approximately 12.9 %.

The very positive results can be attributed to the increased demand for digital solutions by healthcare systems, both in Italy and abroad, in a context that sees the global healthcare digitisation market growing strongly in the years to come. The significant growth in margins can be attributed to the increased weight of the Strategic Technology Areas, particularly Software.

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