Postpartum depression: Gpi’s “Talking About” scientific article published by JPNIM

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Promising results from the use of artificial intelligence algorithm in disorder screening

The study conducted by Prof. Vassilios Fanos of the University of Cagliari together with Gpi, on the potential of using the artificial intelligence algorithm ‘Talking About’ in the screening of postpartum depression, has received important recognition from the scientific community. On 21 October, the Journal of Paediatric and Neonatal Individualised Medicine (Jpnim) published the article ‘Postpartum depression screening through artificial intelligence: preliminary data through the Talking About algorithm’.

Besides Prof. Fanos and his staff, the authors of the scientific article, as far as Gpi is concerned, are Antonio Colangelo (R&D Director), Paolo Ranzi, Ismaela Avellino, Francesca Marinaro and Giovanni Oliverio.

The study indicates that the use of this technology on a sample of 154 mothers showed promising results in screening for post-partum depression, thanks to an important concordance of the results with those of the Edinburgh Scale test, used internationally for this purpose.

This is a significant starting point, although there is a need for further studies to investigate this issue.


Watch the video interview with Prof Fanos