New metrics for the social impact of Health technologies

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Results of the Gpi-funded PhD project

A set of 21 customized metrics capable of measuring the social impact of healthcare technologies developed by Gpi. This is one of the outcomes of the doctoral project that the Group has funded and contributed to over the past three years.

The developed metrics allow Gpi to accurately assess the social impact of its technologies on healthcare system stakeholders (healthcare professionals, patients, and citizens). These parameters include, for example: patient satisfaction with Virtual Care solutions; cost savings on travel due to telemedicine; adherence to cybersecurity standards; and the ratio of users treated with Virtual Care solutions compared to the total number of patients with the same condition in the area of interest.

The project also highlights the challenges associated with implementing sustainable processes in companies, noting that a proper understanding of ESG issues and an aligned corporate culture can facilitate these processes, while the lack of such elements can lead to unethical behaviors such as greenwashing.

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from the left: Roberta Raffaelli, University of Trento; Akylai Anarbaeva, Researcher, Gpi; Fabrizio Redavid, CMO Gpi.