The automatic cabinet for Riedl Phasys drugs at the Mauritian hospital in Turin


Phasys: automated drug warehouse with 30,000 medicines for the Mauritian hospital in Turin

Phasys - magazzino automatizzato farmaci

A robot for the logistics of the Riedl Phasys drug, a brand of the GPI Group, was installed at the Mauriziano hospital in Turin, one of the most important health facilities in the Piedmont Region.

The plant is 19 meters long and contains about 30,000 packs of medicines. It is equipped with an automatic loading system that works at night and a second semi-automatic mechanism for loading medicines during the day.

In 3 hours, the supply of the automatic cabinet allows you to cover all the daily needs of Mauritian.

For more information on the Phasys offer, go to this link.

Report appeared in La Stampa