Gpi to host the fourth stage of European research project Parent


Early diagnosis of impairment in newborns. In Trento from March 20 to 24

From March 20 to 24, the Gpi Point in Trento will host the fourth stage of the Parent Training School. Parent (Premature newborn motor and cognitive impairments) is a project funded by the European Union to promote a multidisciplinary approach for the early diagnosis of newborn motor and cognitive impairments.

A source of pride for the Gpi Group is being part of this innovative project, along with European university and research institutions. The first event was sponsored by the University of Cadiz (together with Uca and Nene Foundation), the second by the University of Leuven (with Icometrix), and the third by the University of Ljubljana (with Neus Diagnostic and Toelt).

The Gpi Group will provide its expertise in artificial intelligence and data modelling developed by its R&D department. The course, which will be attended by about 30 people (young researchers and supervisors) from all over Europe, will focus on challenges in the field of data management in health research.