Gpi intensifies investments in talent and professional growth

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Placing people at the center of strategy and processes

Gpi - strategia per la Sostenibilità

The willingness to invest in its own values and the emergence of new sensitivities have led Gpi to increase investments in human capital. The numbers tell the story: 67% of the people hired in 2022 are women, 12 are the Italian regions touched by recruiting events, 4 are the stable collaborations with Higher Technical Institutes, 3 are the active PhD programs in collaboration with universities. A firm step that strengthens the company in at least two macro-areas of intervention.

Collaborations with schools and universities

Designing experiences that can bring Gpi closer to training centers is essential to build a virtuous relationship between the Group and young talents. From these assumptions, nearly 200 collaborations were born in 2022 involving boys and girls in multiple projects, such as school-work alternation, curricular internships, and extra-curricular internships. Meaningful experiences, also capable of finding continuity: in the last year, 35% of the extra-curricular internships turned into hires.

Alongside this more traditional approach are added high-added-value paths traced and finalized together with universities. Specifically: (i) the PhD “Sustainability: Economics, Environment, Management, and Society (SUSTEEMS)” concluded at the end of 2023 at the University of Trento financed by Gpi; (ii) three other PhD courses related to the research and development of innovative solutions for Healthcare are active at the University of Verona and the Polytechnic of Turin.

Furthermore, in seeking new resources from significant educational experiences and consolidating dialogue with the territories in which it operates, Gpi has extended its presence to recruiting events over the last year. In numerical terms, the company participated in 30 of these events, spread across 12 Italian regions.

Training to look at the present

The labor market – markedly in recent years – presents a strong misalignment of skills between demand and supply, a structural difficulty that leads Gpi to seek effective solutions in three complementary areas. Firstly, in the training of collaborators: only in Italy in 2023, the hours of professional training provided are almost 98k, an increase of 20% compared to 2022. The company financed a scholarship in Data Science at the University of Trento, to stimulate students’ sensitivity towards the opportunities offered by these study paths.

Equally important are the partnerships with four Higher Technical Institutes: the ITS Academy A. Volta of Trieste, the Fondazione ITS Prodigi of Empoli, the ITS Academy LAST of Verona, the MAT of Rovereto. Actions in which the Company invests in the belief that companies must also be an active part in the processes of knowledge creation within educational institutions.

All actions, those listed, that are part of the broader commitment carried forward by Gpi to put people at the center of its strategy and processes. Gpi chooses to welcome the cultural transformations taking place in the context in which it operates, with the aim of valuing young talents and becoming a winning model in support of the digital and sustainable transition of Healthcare.