Gpi at the World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival


Gpi’s contribution in the field of AI applied to the health sector

Gpi a WAICF24
From 8 to 10 February, the Gpi Group participates in the 2024 edition of the World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival, as part of the delegation of innovative companies led by Confindustria Trento. The WAICF is one of the most important events on the subject of Artificial Intelligence and an opportunity to convey the particular vision that governs Gpi’s work in this frontier sector. In fact, the focus is on the benefits that these technologies can bring to healthcare.
Andrea Buccoliero, Vision & Innovation Manager – R&D Dept, explains that “artificial intelligence has long been a key element of GPI’s strategy. We use AI to experiment with the use of voice features as a diagnostic tool, in order to detect patterns and biomarkers that can signal particular diseases or health conditions.
In the One Health context, an approach that links human, animal and environmental health as interdependent elements, AI plays a key role in data analysis, helping to identify innovative patterns to improve both accessibility and quality of care. Our work also focuses on the use of AI in the field of ontological semantics, which allows us to examine and decipher large textual datasets, and on the development of predictive models. For us, AI stands for technological innovation in the most critical areas of the global healthcare landscape”