First in the Stock Exchange, afterwards in London or the USA


Interview with the number one in GPI: “After the listing, acquisitions and a self-innovation oriented system”

Fausto Manzana – President and CEO – explains the history of “his” GPI: founded 28 years ago with five million pounds capital and now a leader in technologies and services for healthcare and welfare, it is ready to land on the Milan Stock.

“GPI was valued at 100 million at equity and after the incorporation of CFP1 we will arrive in the stock exchange. We have before us a generational and managerial transition, but for me the undertaking is the continuation of a process. The objective of the firm is the enterprise and we want to grow further.

“We want to be contaminated by an industrial point of view: we learn flexibility when abroad. From electronic health records to the software for food safety, that is what we will bring to the world.”

For information: international@gpi.it