Connectathon IHE Europe: Gpi’s Interoperability is certified


New milestones in Health Tech

Gpi has recently achieved a significant milestone in the health tech sector by successfully passing all tests at the prestigious Connectathon, organized this year in Trieste by IHE Europe. This international event sets global standards and serves as a benchmark for the integration of healthcare modules.

The Connectathon, known for being a proving ground for the industry’s leading vendors, saw Gpi participate with innovative integration profiles across various domains. This year, the novelties included the IPS (International Patient Summary) Content Consumer (IPS Consumer FHIR), the SVCM Terminology Consumer, and the SVCM Terminology Repository. The inclusion of these new profiles presented an additional challenge that Gpi managed and overcame with great success.

The results achieved by Gpi at the Connectathon not only demonstrate the quality and innovation of the solutions proposed but also strengthen its leadership position in the health tech sector. The certifications obtained confirm Gpi’s ability to effectively integrate its healthcare modules with those of other providers, ensuring high and reliable performance.

For more details about the event and the benefits of the Connectathon, visit the official IHE Europe website.