AI and Voice: 2 million for the project coordinated by Gpi

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The MIMIT funds the research project on voice analysis with AI to diagnose diseases

The Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy (MIMIT) recently published the Grant Decree for funding for TALIA, a research aimed to develop artificial intelligence agents integrated into virtual care applications to aid in early diagnosis and assessment of various diseases based on voice analysis.

The TALIA project will have a duration of 36 months and a total eligible cost of € 5.8 million. MIMIT’s contribution is € 2 million, of which € 1.1 million is allocated to Gpi.

The University of Macerata, Turin Polytechnic and the University of Verona will also be part of the project. Indispensable partnership to a multidisciplinary approach that favours the technological transfer of scientific expertise into industrial applications available in future clinical practice.

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