2022: a year of extraordinary transactions, investments and Group consolidation

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Proposed gross dividend of Eur 0.50 per share

Fausto Manzana, CEO of the Gpi Group: “2022 is a historic year for our Group, we have laid the foundations for a further period of growth and development both nationally and internationally. We invested heavily, both in current and structural assets, which led to a strengthening of the share capital, thanks to the 140 million increase with the entry of CDP Equity, and a refinancing of the debt with an extension of the repayment schedules. The awarding of major national tenders on the digitalisation of healthcare in implementation of the Consip framework agreements, exceeding EUR 1 billion in spendable potential, and the acquisition of the Tesi Group finalised at the end of the year, with a completion of the product range and an increase in high-margin foreign revenues, describe an extraordinary year in a macroeconomic scenario full of adverse events. We look forward to years of hard work and growth to achieve the challenging goals of the 2022-2024 business plan, convinced that the strategic choices we have made will allow us to consolidate our leadership, expanding it at a European level and continuing to generate value for our shareholders”.

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