Il nuovo brand

A new brand, a new chapter in our story.

A rebranding is not simply a marketing activity, but a cultural and industrial step that determines the working identity of thousands of people who must represent and feel represented every day by the company they work for.

It is also an important step for the company’s reference market. In rebranding, form takes on substance, and in this period of the Group’s evolution and growth, renewing the brand identity has strategic value for everyone.

A strong and distinctive brand is an intangible yet essential asset for the company.

A brand with a good reputation is preferred over more “economical” competitors.

Finally, a strong brand knows how to inspire.


And we want our company to be a source of inspiration and reference point for our Customers and Prospects, as well as our Staff.

“Perchè il nostro lavoro può aiutare a vivere meglio”