Building a sports culture means transmitting the importance of values such as respect for others and rules; it means rejecting any violent behaviour (on and off the field) and learning how important it is to know how to “team up”; it means learning to pay attention to the health of the body and mind. The very core of Gpi is reflected in this choice.

Gpi finances the activities of Trentino Volley and Lagaris Volley, two Trentino volleyball clubs.
The first is among the most important and recognised clubs in the area, which in a few years became champion of Italy, Europe and finally, of the world. The youth sector has over a hundred registered youngsters and about twenty coaches and managers, who are divided among a dozen federal championships, for a total of more than 300 federal matches played.
Lagaris Volley is one of the few volleyball clubs in Trentino that promotes the game for both women and men. There are over 160 members in the 8-24 age group. The club plays more than 16 youth championships and the national championships of the B Men’s and B2 Women’s series.