Gpi and the environment

Minimising the impact of our activities, wherever we operate

We were born in a territory, (Trentino region, North Italy) where nature is respected as a matter of course.
We are committed to minimising the impact of our activities wherever we operate.
The management of environmental impact is a strategic commitment in relation to the more general aims of the company’s entire business, to be pursued through the guidelines established by the Group’s Health, Safety and Environment Policy.

Gpi S.p.A. has strengthened these commitments by implementing and keeping up to date an Environmental Management System certified according to the international standard ISO 14001:2015, which guarantees a systemic approach to the continuous improvement of environmental performance, including through the awareness and involvement of employees, collaborators and suppliers.

The environmental impacts generated by Gpi are mostly attributable to those produced by office activities.
They thus include energy consumption for the utilities of the operating sites and fuel consumption for the corporate fleet, water consumption for sanitary purposes and waste production.

Waste management - ITALY

A total of 33.34 tonnes of waste was generated in 2021, of which approximately 10% was hazardous in nature. The fraction of waste produced sent for recovery is confirmed to be 100% as in 2020. The significant increase in waste in the year can be explained by the resumption of disposal activities that had largely stopped during 2020, in which in fact the value had been substantially lower than in previous years (6.6 tonnes in 2020 versus approximately 16 tonnes in 2019).


2021 – Resumption of disposal activities that had largely stopped during 2020
2020 – Low scrap due to reduced frequency of disposal due to COVID-19

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