The Riedl Phasys robot on Rainews24


The technology developed by Gpi, the University of Trento, Fbk and Dolomiti Robotics is the protagonist of the weekly TV broadcast Futuro24, dedicated to science and technology

Gpi’s Riedl Phasys drug logistics robot, and in particular the Ultra Phasys automatic loading system, are the protagonists of the latest episode of Futuro24, italian TV channel Rainews24‘s weekly broadcast dedicated to science and technology.

The episode talks about robotics developed by the University of Trento in various research areas. The focus is on the Open Innovation process thanks to which Gpi studied and realised an improvement of the Riedl Phasys in collaboration with the University of Trento, Fbk and Dolomiti Robotics.

In this link you can see the episode of Futuro24, the report on Gpi is from minute 9.38