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Fast, reliable and versatile: RIEDL Phasys reduces waste and modernises the work of pharmacists

Revolutionizing Pharmacy Automation

Unlocking a new era in pharmacy automation, RIEDL Phasys (PHarmacy Automation SYStem) embodies the epitome of flexibility and efficiency. At its core lies a commitment to revolutionize medicine distribution, seamlessly blending optimal space utilization with enhanced customer experiences, all while expediting counter service to unprecedented speeds.

Central to the prowess of RIEDL Phasys is its cutting-edge gripper technology, setting the gold standard in performance, precision, and reliability within the market today. Powered directly by state-of-the-art handling axes, this gripper seamlessly interfaces with the controller service via a dedicated Wi-Fi network, ensuring seamless communication and operation.

Experience the future of pharmacy automation with RIEDL Phasys – where innovation meets efficiency, transforming the way pharmacies operate, one prescription at a time.

RIEDL Phasys

Crafted to Fit Your Needs: Customizable RIEDL Phasys

At the heart of every RIEDL Phasys system lies adaptability without compromise. Tailored to your space and handling requirements, each Phasys unit is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate into your pharmacy’s layout without the need for structural interventions.

But customization doesn’t end there. With a palette of customizable colors and the option for external glass panels, every RIEDL Phasys becomes a unique reflection of your pharmacy’s identity. From sleek and modern to classic and inviting, the aesthetic possibilities are endless, ensuring that your pharmacy stands out while providing unparalleled efficiency and service.

Experience the perfect blend of form and function with RIEDL Phasys – where flexibility meets style, transforming your pharmacy into a beacon of innovation and personalized service.

Easy Phasys

Speed, reliability, and precision in standard format

Easy Phasys is the ideal solution for automating drug management in your pharmacy quickly and effortlessly. Leveraging the proven technology of RIEDL Phasys, it inherits the same high-performance gripper, ensuring top-level performance in terms of speed and accuracy.

Just like its bigger brother RIEDL Phasys, Easy Phasys is the result of a collaboration between a team of German engineers with over two decades of experience in pharmaceutical automation and the GPI Group, a leader in creating digital solutions for the healthcare sector.

Available in 10 models of varying sizes, Easy Phasys is the perfect choice for those seeking affordable and uncompromising automation quality.

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