Gpi implements a Carbon Reduction Plan

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Carbon neutrality set for 2025

At a time where the urgent need to address climate change guides the choices and actions of many organizations, the commitment to energy transition and carbon emission reduction stands as an ethical and strategic imperative.

To achieve this goal, Gpi commits to investing in this direction by adopting a Carbon Reduction Plan that sets the horizon at 2050, the year in which the organization aims to achieve complete carbon neutrality.

To reach this milestone, Gpi commits to investing in renewable energy sources, gradually reducing its dependence on fossil fuels. We intend to adopt innovative technologies and sustainable practices to optimize production processes, improving energy efficiency and minimizing the environmental impact of our activities.

We actively collaborate with partners and suppliers who share our vision to promote an entirely sustainable supply chain. Through the sharing of know-how, the joint development of green solutions, and the adoption of responsible practices, we aim to transform the entire ecosystem in which we operate, contributing to a global transition towards a low-carbon economy.

Read our Carbon Reduction Plan