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Fast, reliable and versatile: RIEDL Phasys reduces waste and modernises the work of pharmacists

Flexibility and efficiency are the paradigms at the basis of the RIEDL Phasys system (PHarmacy Automation SYStem) for the automation of medicine distribution in pharmacies, which makes optimal use of space and improves the customer approach, making counter service faster.

The technology used in the RIEDL Phasys gripper is the best available on the market today in terms of performance, precision and reliability. The gripper, powered directly by the handling axes, is connected to the controller service via a dedicated Wi-Fi network. The revolutionary functions of automatic packaging alignment and auto-levelling of shelves ensure service continuity.

Every RIEDL Phasys is built according to space and handling requirements without the need for structural interventions; the customisable colours and external glass panels make every RIEDL Phasys unique.

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