The new Gpi4Med.BLOOD Suite


The interview with Fabio Rossi and Miklos Csore

Gpi has introduced the Gpi4Med.BLOOD, the suite designed for global markets, dedicated to the safe and efficient management of the entire blood supply chain.

We discuss this with Fabio Rossi, Director of International Operations and Miklos Csore, Director of Gpi4Med.BLOOD.

Gpi4Med.BLOOD is the range of products dedicated to the management of the whole supply chain of blood. A highly recognizable service within Gpi’s offering, it is now being integrated into the broader Gpi4Med Suite. What factors led to this decision?

Fabio Rossi – The solutions from the Gpi4Med.BLOOD family represent the flagship offering of GPI, with this solution we are present in over 65 countries. Through it, we aim to provide our clients with the possibility to adopt complementary and integrated solutions, such as the LIS and other ancillary modules, characterized by extremely rapid implementation times.

What impact do these solutions have on clients and final users?

Miklos Csore – Our blood donation and transfusion management systems offer clients and end users efficiency, safety and accuracy in handling blood donations and transfusions. These systems also facilitate regulatory compliance, improve communication and collaboration among healthcare providers, and contribute to cost savings through automation and resource optimization.

What are the factors that allow Gpi to be one of the major global player in this market?

Miklos Csore – As mentioned before, we are in more than 65 countries, this wide experience and exposure to market challenges allowed us to create very flexible solutions. Our customers are able to configure our system to continually improve their operations. Our solutions also help them to keep up with regulatory compliance without adding extra effort.

Adopting a global perspective for these solutions certainly brings new levels of complexity, but what are the challenges to face?

Fabio Rossi – The challenge is ambitious: we want to become protagonists, even at a global level, in the journey of technological and sustainable transformation of prevention, assistance, and care processes for people’s health and well-being.