GPI Britannia Limited is established


The Gpi Group is becoming increasingly international

In recent days, GPI Britannia Limited was established with the support of an English administrative consulting company.

There are two main reasons why our Group decided to take this path: on the one hand, the need to simplify administrative procedures related to sales in the United Kingdom after Brexit, and on the other hand, the opportunity to better structure a commercial presence to increase the supply of products and services in territories that have now become non-EU.

As for Automation SBU, GPI Group has recently won three tenders at as many British hospitals. The latest, in December 2022, is for the supply of a Riedl Phasys robotic warehouse to King’s Mill Hospital (photo), one of the facilities of the Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, as well as one of the most prestigious facilities in the area. For GPI, this is the first direct supply – post Brexit – to the end user, without an intermediary distributor.

As far as transfusion software is concerned, Gpi – through Medinfo – is already a supplier to NHS-BT, National Health Service, Blood and Transplant sector, and intends to strengthen its presence and presence in the UK market in this sector.

Gpi also intends to enter the UK clinical software market, particularly in LiS and Digital Pathology, and Patient Management and EPR. Prequalification procedures to the relevant NHS Frameworks are underway.