From 1988 to today

Gpi was born 35 years ago with the aim of bringing digitization to healthcare. This company based in Trentino region has grown with tenacity and determination to become a thriving international Group.

GPI’s history is written in the words of innovation, a path sustained by several acquisitions aimed at creating industrial and product synergies, and becoming a key player in digital health.

This commitment to innovation has not only enabled us to offer cutting-edge products and services for a modern and sustainable healthcare, where the person is at the center, but it has also defined who we are: a company capable of taking the initiative, transforming, experimenting, and learning.

Technologies evolve, and so has GPI: over time it has consolidated its position in Italy, listed on the stock exchange and focused on internationalization, with technological products which are now sold in more than 70 countries and a Research and Development department where the most cutting-edge solutions are conceived and implemented.

Since 1988, we have grown in numbers, expertise and capacity, but we have never lost sight of the deeper meaning of our work, which helps to support a system that can guarantee the same quality of prevention, treatment and care for all. We are not important, but what we do is important. If we did not pursue our task daily, with tireless commitment, life would be different for all of us.

We are grateful for every challenge that has made us stronger, for every success that has made us more determined, and for the trust and support we have received throughout our 35-year history. A journey that continues with the same values and passion for excellence.

On October 25th, 35 years ago, Gpi was born. This milestone fills me with profound emotion, thinking about everything we have built over the years. A journey that began at a time when the realm of information technology was still unfolding, a dream born from the belief that technology had the immense potential to enhance people’s lives.

As the world continuously evolved, so did we, embracing every change and converting challenges into opportunities to offer state-of-the-art technological systems and services to healthcare institutions.

Today, Gpi embodies the experience, skills, commitment, and enthusiasm of a global team. We look to the future with confidence, ready to play a central role in driving digital transformation within the healthcare sector. Our journey continues, with the goal of reaching even further, together.

Fausto Manzana

Our values


Our reputation is
the cornerstone
of our development.
In the context
in which we operate,
Ethics is an indispensable


We are aware
of the responsibility
of our work and
the impact it has
on people’s well-being.


People are at the center
of our actions:
employees, customers,
To help them build
a better future.


The passion we
put into everything
we do gives us the energy
to grow and give
our best every day.

GPI Group

We are a multinational group that creates cutting-edge software solutions, services, and technologies to facilitate the digital transformation of healthcare.

We are constantly evolving and have been listed on the stock exchange since 2016, with over 9000 clients distributed in more than 70 countries. Our vision is to become a leading player in the technological and sustainable transformation of prevention, care, and health processes for the well-being of individuals. Our mission is to offer knowledge and expertise for the continuous improvement of socio-healthcare processes, through software, services, and technologies for healthcare professionals and patients.


Gpi USA is a leading healthcare software company specializing in innovative, web-based applications. We are part of a global network that combines software, services, and custom-built technologies to meet the demands for digital transformation and client needs in the healthcare industry, including information systems for blood management, clinical laboratories, clinical imaging and anatomic pathology.

Gpi USA is dedicated to providing client-focused software services that meet the unique needs and goals of each and every one of our clients and deliver software solutions that are not only functional but also enhance their overall experience.

By establishing collaborative relationships with our clients, we are better able to understand their business requirements and challenges and use this knowledge to design and develop custom software solutions that drive their success. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that our clients can continue to rely on our team as well as our software for the long term.

Additionally, Gpi USA offers and supports a line of industry-recognized software products, including ElDorado Donor®, Surround, Donor Doc®, e-Donor® and Hemasphere® applications.

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