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GPI Software

Gpi4Med.IMAGING IS the clinical imaging system for the management of all types of hospital imaging, including patient data reporting.

Gpi4Med.IMAGING includes the following software solutions:

  • Imaging RIS – PACS – TELERADIOLOGY integrated web platform for the storage, transmission and display of all images produced within a medical facility
  • Imaging Stack An advanced integrated medical imaging solution: RIS – PACS – Interpretation – AI
  • EndoxWeb The advanced web-based multimedia information system for endoscopy and other departments service management and image and video acquisition and archiving
  • OphtAI Multi Pathology Retinal Screening

Gpi4Med.IMAGING is a vertical product line of Gpi4Med Suite, the suite of medical device software for all diagnostic services, blood management, critical care and telemedicine, which has been set up by Gpi, based on the Group’s global strategy, that is offering the best functionalities and technologies in the framework of Digital Health.

Gpi4Med main features:

Web & Cloud

All solutions are web-based and cloud enabled, thus allowing

  • high scalability
  • cybersecurity
  • business continuity
  • ease of use
  • openness and interoperability

Global approach and expertise in digital health

All solutions are multilingual and installed in more than 70 countries worldwide. This has been enabling us to ensure our customers global expertise and maturity as well as proximity through our local partners and support teams based all over the world.

MD certification & integration

In addition to being MD cleared, all solution of the Gpi4Med Suite can be integrated with any type of Medical Device. Our certified processes and products, including certified software factories, guarantee high reliability, most importantly in terms of Clinical Risk Minimization.

AI integrated features

Gpi4Med Suite relies on best-of-breed technology and AI integrated features for advanced 3D image processing, image analysis and diagnostic support, prediction and population management.

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