CodePros Consulting Oy: New Finnish Innovation Partner


We are excited to introduce our latest partner: Infor CodePros Consulting Oy. This innovative company brings comprehensive expertise in the field of pharmacy and hospital robotics. Since 2008, they have developed groundbreaking solutions. Their knowledge spans across production, distribution, installation, customer support, finance, and business management.

Established in 2017, CodePros is a technology-oriented company focused on development and outsourcing. With expertise in robotics, machine vision, software development, and business management, they have made their mark in the industry.

CodePros’ core competencies are diverse, including technological expertise, software development capabilities, as well as extensive experience in manufacturing, marketing, sales, delivery, installation, and support of storage robots.

CEO of Infor CodePros Consulting Oy, Mr. Ilpo Hakkarainen, stated: “With this exciting collaboration, new opportunities are emerging in the fields of pharmacy, healthcare, and robotics. Together, we will develop and implement groundbreaking solutions to propel the industry forward.”

For more information, visit the CodePros website: https://www.codepros.fi/