Code of Ethics: a Decision dated September 29, 2023 by the Board approved a new version of the “Code of Ethics”, a document stating the committment and ethical accountability of GPI S.p.A.
The Code of Ethics aims at basing all operations, behaviours, working approaches and relations, both internal and external, on the principles of fairness, integrity and transparency. The Recipients of the Model must be aware of its content as well as contribute to its implementation and improvement; should they violate the rules, they will jeopardize the trust of the company towards them.

Organizational, Management and Control Model: in accordance with Leg. Decree no. 231/01, through the Decision of September 29, 2023, the Board approved a new version of its “Organizational, Management and Control Model”, which aims at preventing crimes that might imply the administrative responsibility of the Company when committed for the sake/benefit of the company itself.

Supervisory Board: with resolution of 26 October 2022, the BOD appointed the members of this Board:

  • Vincenzo Candido Renna (President)
  • Giuseppe Russo
  • Raffaele Ripa
  • Ilaria Manzana

The companies Argentea S.r.l., Consorzio Stabile Cento Orizzonti Soc. Cons. a r.l. and Contact Care Solutions S.r.l., appointed Selene Sontacchi as monocratic supervisory board

Prevention of Corruption: with resolution of 26 October 2022, the Board of Directors approved the Policy for the Prevention of Corruption.
This policy identifies the principles and values of the Gpi Group, defines the code of conduct that each staff member must follow and that every stakeholder must know, specifies the methods for reporting acts of corruption and the methods for training, informing and communicating with the various stakeholders.

Download the full document of the Gpi Group’s Anti-Corruption Policy.

The Board of Directors appointed, with resolution of 26 July 2021, Marco Di Domenico as Head of Compliance for the Prevention of Corruption.
To write to the Head of Compliance for the Prevention of Corruption: anticorruzione@gpi.it

Data Protection Officer

The BOD, with resolution of 6 April 2018, also appointed Agostino Oliveri as DPO (Data Protection Officer) for the GPI Group. The appointment complies with the provisions of the new EU Regulation 679/2016 on personal data processing.